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The Pier Series

This a study of a pier in the West End of Provincetown Massachusetts. I am told that this pier is called Lancy's Pier. I was also told that what appears to be a pile of long stakes, perhaps actually trees, are the supports that were used for "weir" fishing. Weir fishing was a method to catch fish in the Provincetown area in the late 1800's. These stakes were placed into the ocean sand and nets were attached to make an enclosure to catch fish. I have taken pinhole photgraphs of this pier for many years. When I have't taken pinhole, it has been digital and yes, 35mm photos to document this special place. This is just a sampling of images created over a period at different times of the day and the tides.

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Pier Series #1
My wooden box camera was set low in what appeared to be some boat wreakage.

Pier Series #4

Pier Series# 5
The camera was placed on the sand, looking easterly at the pier off Commercial Street.

Pier Series #6
The camera was chest high close to the edge of the pier. The ocean was not at full high tide but the water was moving below.

Pier Series #9

Pier Series #11

These images of the pier (11,12 and 14) were taken at dead low tide.

Pier Series# 12

Pier Series #14

Pier Series #19

As an example

Below to the right is a negative picture from the pinhole camera. The view of the negative to the right is shown as a positive copy directly below this text. The negative in this example was not horizontally flipped in this case to show you a comparision of a negative and positive.

Herring Cove Dunes, the negative
The camera used was a small box with a #9 pin to make the pinhole and the paper inserted into the camera in a "U" shape. The camera was just sitting in the dip in the sand.

Herring Cove Dunes, the positive
The conditions were very bright July sunlight.

Provincetown Harbor
This photo was taken looking east on the harbor beach off Commercial Street.

Herring Cove marshland
The view is from the the top of the sand dunes at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts looking towards town. The marsh was partially flooded with water.

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