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Winter Pines #9

Winter Pines #4

White Out #2

Pete's Garage #2

Pete's Garage # 4

Pete's Garage #5

Tall Pines #5
This is a view of a pine barren forest in Myles Standish Reservation Plymouth Massachusetts.

Another Road #8

Pine Barren #2

On my road

Day Lillies
This is part of a triple exposure of daylilies by a cottage in Provincetown Massachusetts.
The camera used was a mail box.

The Pond
This is a photo taken using a tupperware container as a camera.

Window Warping
This a winter photo.
The view is taken from my kitchen window towards the neighbors snowy house across the street.

The Point
One of my favorites, taken on a cloudy day with my box camera. The location is College Pond, Myles Standish Reservation, Plymouth Massachusetts.

Wild Winter Snowman
This is a positve and negative of the neighbors yard. I turned my panorama box camera on it's side so I could get a good view of the branches of the giant maple tree outside of our kitchen window. See if you can see the snowman by the house at the bottom !

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