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Please send an email if you would like more information about my pinhole photo images.


The Pinhole Camera and the images it can create have changed my view of the world.

Light is a wonderful thing...

Photo compliments of Loftwood Associates, www.Loftwood.com

Pinhole Photo compliments of the Mayor of Nyack New York, John Shields

Some background
Where I got started with this whole adventure was an organization called the Fine Arts Work Center located in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This is where I met the photographer that has taught me so much. Marian Roth has given me a new visual perspective on the world.
She has released a new part of me and has taken me down a different road, by fate or chance. Just like pinhole images there is so much left to chance.

Another person who I hold close as a mentor and friend is a web artist, a composer on her computer - (that's describing her abilities in a simple manner), Diane Housken.
Diane created this site that allows me to show the world my pinhole photos. If you like what she has created for me, she has created many more sites for others. Please don't hesitate to contact her at diane@calculus.net

The Fine Arts Work Center is one of the countries earliest art colonies and a great place to grow, I can attest to that.

24 Pearl Street
Provincetown, MA 02657
phone: 508.487.9960
fax: 508.487.8873


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